Princpios e Valores

Sustainability and environmental preservation depend on an ecological consciente, which depends on education. Therefore, ecopedagogy, based on the knowledge that we belong to a single life community, promotes educational practices that bring up solidarity and global civic consciousness. Ecopedagogy implies on a radical change in mentality regarding the quality of life and the environment, which is directly linked to the type of relationship that we have with ourselves, with others and with nature.

It is not aimed only at educators, but at all citizens in the planet and is linked to the utopian project of changing human, social and environmental relations, promoting sustainable and environmental education (ecoeducation) based on critical and innovative thinking. Freires referenced pedagogy developed by Francisco Gutirrez and Moacir Gadotti.

The Earth Charter
World document that represents a summary of principles and values to orient actions towards a fairer and more sustainable world. IHT is affiliated with the International Earth Charter institution, which promotes the spreading of this document and assists the Earth Charter Initiative. Learn more:

Ecological Literacy
Learning based on the understanding of ecological processes and the connection of human life with life systems, theory by Fritjof Capra.

Agroecology and permaculture
Agroecology is an agriculture approach based on balance of ecosystems functioning, adoption of healthy and sustainable environmental actions, along wit a production model that is socially fair. Permaculture is one of agroecologys branches, and it applies basic ecology principles to the planning of systems for the human life, which integrates plants, animals, buildings, with aesthetics and harmony. Created by Bill Mollison and David Holmgren.

Solidarity and popular economics
Fair social and environmental economic system or production methodology, based on Paul Singer and Marcos Arruda.

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