With the creation of the Center for Ecopedagogy in 2001, began to dawn the Instituto Harmonia na Terra's work.

This nucleus represents the main area of expertise of the Institute Harmony on Earth. This core developed a unique method, which involves dialogue, environmental sensitivities, participatory planning, art education activities and cooperative games and integrates theory and practice.

This methodology is experienced in various schools and educational programs for different segments of civil society. These courses, participatory planning and material ecopedagogic significant in the context of current and future human needs, undertaken through partnerships with private companies or government institutions.

The main audience are teachers from public schools, multipliers of knowledge, values and experiences. The courses and workshops promote, critically, playful and participatory education for peace, cooperation and sustainability, which contributes to improving the quality of public education.

The eco-pedagogy is a pedagogy that seeks to spread throughout society, creating learning processes that are producers of meaning, revealing the ecological principles such as diversity and interdependence. It is continually developing a pedagogy, which is related to daily life and the context, the need to learn to feel and sympathize. For a deeper understanding of our existence sustainable pedagogy is needed that enables the human being to live a harmonization process with all forms of life, so ecopedagogy continually seeks the transformation of our relationship with Earth.

The educational process of the human being is alive, and within it lies the possibility of ethical change. It is by learning and cultivating the values of compassion that human beings are more human, to one day be able to build a sustainable society. Thinking and doing education in this context is the challenge of the Center for Ecopedagogy.

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