Campaign invites to see the world through the Earth Charter lenses

04/27/12 - The Earth Charter International launched the 2012 Earth Charter and Rio+20 Communication Campaign with the slogan see the world through the Earth Charter lenses.
The campaign consists of two one-minute videos. The first one is already available in Portuguese, English and Spanish, and shows an integrated view of the Earth Charter addressing the green economy, which will be discussed in the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development Rio+20, occurring in the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, from 13th to 22nd of June.

A shared view of sustainability and a common ethical framework, as the Earth Charter, are urgently needed to address sustainable development challenges, forge collaboration and guide our decisions. It is necessary to ensure that any effort to promote green economy policies and practices will follow principles of ecological integrity, economic and social justice, democracy, nonviolence and peace says the Earth Charter International.

The campaign was developed through the collaboration of the AES Brasil, Universidade Metodista SP and Earth Charter International.

Watch the video using the following link:
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