IHT intensifies Corporative Environmental Education actions

02/17/2011 In 2011, Instituto Harmonia na Terra is going to broaden its activities on Corporative Environmental Education, aiming to cooperate with companies to include in their everyday activities ecological practices and perceptions towards sustainability and business strengthening.

The adoption of eco-efficient practices in business management and the corporative environmental education are assumptions for the companies to incorporate values of the emerging paradigm of sustainability.

In the corporative scope, IHT has already advised the Datasul Environmental Commitment Program, Embraco Prize of Ecology, and Marcegaglia do Brasil. In environmental education, the institute has almost 10 years of experience in forming over 5.600 teachers in the states of So Paulo, Santa Catarina, Minas Gerais and Rio Grande do Sul.

The Institute has prepared environmental education options, which can be combined and adapted to the companies needs, providing economical advantages and benefits. Part of the investment for the project can be deducted from the income tax, according to law 9.249/95.

1. Continuous education: 10 seminars offered periodically to the workers, with subjects as Eco-eficiency, corporative sustainability, consumption culture and solid residue management, ecological literacy.

2. Isolated seminars on the subjects above and others.

3. Sustainable Practices Guide: content proper to the companys reality, and elaborated with the support of companys workers.

4. Carbon neutralization: cultivation of Atlantic Forest native trees in degraded areas or areas of the company itself.

5. Nature experiences: activities at open areas in the company or natural environments of the region, with the participation of employees families, providing moments of ecological leisure and learning.

6. Intersetorial commission of social responsibility: articulation and orientation of a commission formed by workers from various sectors, which will be stimulated to reflect about the corporative environment and perform socio-environmental actions that are relevant and feasible.

7. Campaigns: virtual campaigns for external and/or internal listeners to spread sustainable practices and values, present the brand and give visibility to the whole investment.

More information: contato@harmonianaterra.org.br

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