"Eye at the Climate - Offset your carbon emissions" Campaign

This campaign tries to stimulate citizen participation to effective reduce environmental degradation and global warming effects through carbon neutralization in peoples behavior day after day.

Greenhouse gases emissions comes from forest burning, coal and petroleum derivatives, industrial production, cattle, agriculture and in most part of our activities during the day. Thats the main cause of global warming and the biggest climates changing, which is causing big natural disasters.

In photosynthesis process the carbon remains stocked in the tree trunk, and its taken from the atmosphere. Therefore, beyond all the ecological benefits of planting a tree, it also gets carbon from atmosphere minimizing global warming effects.

By participating youll be a partner of:
- Development of citizen responsibility for sustainable construction of their reality;
- Reduction of greenhouse gases concentration by compensating the quantity you threw with your daily activity;
- Recuperation of preservation areas which are vital to life equilibrium.

There is a big international mobilization nowadays to quantify and reduce carbon quantity and green house gases in atmosphere.

Calculate your carbon emissions!

See who has already neutralized carbon in 2011:
Trio Pirathiny
Fernanda Blauth
Guilherme Blauth
Luciano Trevisol
Simon Abuhab
Jos Tabacow

Participants of 2010s campaign:
Ana Maria Judith Lengyel
Andr Cerello da Paixo
Bernadete de Ftima Rocha
Inara Bajesteiro
Joo Carlos Valente Bajesteiro
Luiz Alberto Amador Pereira
Mara Rbia Almeida
Mara Vieira de Bona
Mnica Silva Santos
Paulo Frugis
Sandra Alves
Silvio Pires de Paula
Simon Abuhab
Simone P. Abuhab
Vera Longo
Vitria Simantob
Walderez Nos Hassenpflug.
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