Campaign Watch on Climate Change emissions offsets

02/25/2011 - With the campaign Eye at the Climate - Offset your carbon emissions, developed by the "Instituto Harmonia na Terra", since March 2010 were purchased and planted 247 trees, totaling approximately 40 tons of carbon dioxide neutralized. In all, 21 species were planted in a Perm Conservation Area in Paulo Lopes - SC, four species of Inga, two of palm trees, 12 fruit of the Atlantic, bicuva and two species of ipe.

And the campaign continues. The ones who participate contributes to the effective reduction of environmental degradation and the effects of global warming through the neutralization of carbon dioxide emitted in their daily practices, as well as collaborating with the Institute's projects.

At the link neutralization of carbon is possible to calculate the amount of carbon dioxide emitted per year through the use of electricity and fuel, for example, and see how many trees we have to plant to offset emissions. To illustrate, six trees sequester about one tonne of carbon dioxide.

The ones who is interested to participate can make a deposit to the account of the institute, CNPJ 06.539.182/0001-50, Bank of Brazil, Agency 4397-4, 7189-7 Current Account, and then verify the deposit by sending an email to contact@ Investment in each tree is R$ 14.00 (USD$ 7,18), including change, planting and maintenance to adulthood.

Since 2001, IHT has planted and distributed 18,000 seedlings of native species in their educational projects. In 2007 was awarded the Global Slowdown, the Santa Catarina BPW organization.

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Gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH2) issued on human activities such as transports, agriculture and everyday life, constitute a sort of barrier that does not leave the heat get off the planet, being the main cause of global warming and climate change that have caused environmental disasters.

Neutralization is the offsetting of greenhouse gas emissions by planting trees, which are able to consume the CO2 in the atmosphere. In the process of photosynthesis the carbon is stored in the tree trunk and is removed from the atmosphere. Therefore, besides of all the other ecological benefits of planting a tree, it also sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, minimizing the effects of global warming.

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