Transparency Portal is launched in Florianopolis

11/01/2010 - The transparency portal, a initiative from ICom "Instituto Comunitrio Grande Florianpolis" to give visibility to the actions and data of social organizations, was launched at October 21th, while the Tecnology Internacional Seminary for Social Changes TiB - Together is Better, in Florianopolis. The project was performed in partnership with the Institute C&A.

Built from a defined criteria in seminars and workshops with 50 managers of social organizations in Florianopolis region, is the first brasilian portal dedicated to transparency of information with this profile. "It is the result of reflection and collective construction, a project to strengthen institutional development and legitimacy of organizations, said Lucia Dellagnelo, president of ICom. To assist in the definition and viability of the criteria, the project, which took a year and a half, had support from others in the Regional Accounting Council, the OAB-SC and the Unisul University.

The Instituto Harmonia na Terra is one of the institutions that participated in the entire process and is at the portal - see here. The information items are divided into who we are, what we do, how we do and with who we do, that means, who are our partners. The tool allows different audiences such as funders, partners, governments and even officials of social organizations to know relevant data and print a report. For organizations, the report is use as a social report or to present supporters. "The site systematize the information and makes it easier, that for lack of appeal and even training, had trouble paying bills", continued Lucy.

The first participants of the portal received the Commitment to Transparency 2010 seal, to be renewed every year. The seal is not certifying or supervising, just informative. Participating organizations are responsible for the information they provide.

The portal will not be limited to Santa Catarina. According to Delagnelo Lucia, together with the C&A, it is being discussed for the expansion of OSCs throughout the country, from an anchor organization in the states.

Transparency is complementary to the other two portals, also in Santa Catarina, the Online Volunteers, of Volunteers in Action Institute, which has 27,000 volunteers registered and the Social Portal, of Maurcio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation, which receives donations for the organizations.

From November, 9 to 23, will be held the next free workshops for new members of the portal. Information about the workshops are on the blog of the portal or by e-mail:
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