Action Environment Day

06/06/2010 - To celebrate World Environment Day, June 5th, the IHT distributed 110 seedlings of native Atlantic forest, on a bench next to the organic product fair in the square of Lagoa da Conceicao, in Florianopolis. The palm trees and jabuticaba trees seedlings were donated by ‘’Viveiro Ciranda da Vida’’, partner of the Institute and had a label with instructions for planting and care information and the principles of Earth Charter.

Who went to get seedlings also could calculate their individual CO2 emissions, in activities such as transport, waste generation and consumption of cooking gas, and know how many trees we have to plant to offset these emissions. In addition to taking home free seedlings, the public could participate in the campaign ‘’Watch Climate - Offset your carbon emissions’’ and buy seedlings, which ones the Institute will plant and take care of until they are adults. The unit cost was R$ 12.00 and campaign resources were reverted to the activities of the Institute.

In the banking sector were also on sale ecopedagogic materials of IHT, such as books, CDs, posters and shirts.3110 *Patricia Abuhab

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