COP makes little progress, but continues climate agreements

01/10/2011 - The 16th Parties Conference (Cop16) of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Changes in Cancun, Mexico, in late November, comes after the Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, carried out last December, when a document succeeding the Kyoto Protocol was not approved, which expires in 2012.

As there were great expectations on the results of Copenhagen, governments and scientists have shown that the same failure to approve a comprehensive Post-Kyoto Treaty, could happen in Cancun. The Director of the UN agency for the climate, Halldor Thorgeirsson, said the climate talks mediated by the UN must put aside the hopes of approving a treaty to limit the Global Warming, and, in order to avoid failure, they must accept the rich countries targets emissions, considered inadequate by many scientists.

The IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) stated in 2007 that industrialized countries should reduce greenhouse gases between 25 and 40 percent below the levels between 1990 until 2020, to avoid dangerous global warming. The real targets of these countries, however, come to half the suggested.

There is a risk of the Cancun conference staying at the same place between rich and poor, that has occurred in Copenhagen, about the division of the costs of tackling climate change. The director of the UN said the world needs to focus on gradual agreements, for example, to stop deforestation, and accept the existing promises for post-2012 emissions of developed countries, in order to extend Kyoto and avoid a period in which there is no overall agreement in force.

Given this, social movements and organizations want to ensure more pressure on governments to really commit to the proposals, so they set up the website "Climate Dialogue - Mexican Space" to discuss alternatives.

A demonstration of what could happen in Cancun is being seen in Tianjin, China, which hosts since Monday (10/4) the World Economic Forum in Asia, with the theme "Driving the Growth through Sustainability" and then receives the last round climate negotiations before COP 16.

Source: IHT News.
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