Maleta Futura: IHT was invited by Canal Futura to join this project

10/14/2010 - The Instituto Harmonia na Terra (IHT) was invited by "Canal Futura" (TV channel) to join in the "Projeto Maleta Futura", which sends thematic suitcases to community groups linked to networks in which Canal Futura participates. The suitcases have vast material with content of interest of local institutions, including some productions of Canal Futura, books and booklets. There are four thematic suitcases: Environment, All Beauty, Health and Democracy.

The institutions that received the Environmental Suitcase, will receive in 2011 a supplementary kit on Conscious Consumption. It was the result of a partnership among Futura, AKATU Institute, Pindorama Films and British Council. The 'IHT" will participate in this supplementary kit by donating 150 books "De Olho na Vida Reflexes para um Consumo tico (Keep an eye on life - Reflections for an ethical consumption) by Guilherme Blauth and Patricia Abuhab.

The material contains the series Consumo consciente Empreendedorismo Tcnico (Conscious Consumption Technical Entrepreneurship), with 10 programs of two minutes each, about conscious consumption produced by Canal Futura in partnership with the Institute AKATU, a 'Guide to using the series Conscious Consumption', with suggestions of use of the programs, a DVD of the series "Vozes do Clima (Voices of Climate), on climate change, filmed in five Brazilian states, the Publication "Mudanas Climticas, migraes e sade: cenrios para o nordeste Brasileiro 2000-2050 (Climate Change, Migration and health: a background to the northeast of Brazil 2000 - 2050), and the educational kit "Climate Change Challenge - 2009" with material for teachers and contents to be developed in the classroom.

The kit has the purpose of helping people to rethink attitudes and daily habits, something extremely necessary nowadays. An ethical and sustainable consumption is the reflective proposal of the IHT (Instituto Harmonia na Terra) publication. And this publication is added to the content of AKATU institute, which also includes as proposal the reflection for a more conscious consumption. Each institution receiving the kit will have an excellent quality material to work with their community, notes Daniela Diniz, responsible for Community Coordination and Mobilization of Canal Futura in the south region.

The use of the kit will be guided by the Community Mobilization staff and partners, and there will be workshops on conscious consumption in ten states, with the Institute AKATU. The shares resulting from the project in the institutions that received the materials will be monitored and will form a database.

To learn more about the project, visit, in portuguese.2873 *Suitcase

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