Sustainable behavior

- Before buying something, think if it is really necessary.
- Always buy reusable packaging products.
- Buy concentrated cleaning products that can be diluted in water, preferably biodegradable ones.
- Bring your own bag to the fair, market or bakery. If you use a plastic bag, put as many products as you can into it.
- Avoid buying and consuming disposable products like cups and straws.
- Adopt a mug so as not to use disposable glasses.
- Try to buy rechargeable batteries; return them to the manufacturer after using them, because he is responsible for the final destination of these materials.
- Buy refillable products.
- Avoid buying packed fruits and vegetables.
- Choose consuming natural juices and teas instead of soft drinks. This recommendation is even more important for children.
- If you have a backyard at home, recycle your organic garbage and make a vegetable garden with the compost produced.
- Pay attention to the TV shows that you watch. Which of these programs contribute to your life improvement?
- Substitute the TV for a good book or good conversation.
- Pay attention whenever consuming water and energy. Avoid waste. A large amount of natural resources are used in order to have these assets in your house.
- Walk, ride a bike or use public transportation whenever you can.
- Be an active and critical consumer, questioning manufacturers whenever a doubt concerning the product or the packaging exists.

Source: De Olho na Vida – Reflexões para um consumo ético - Guilherme Blauth and Patricia Abuhab.

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