Instituto Harmonia na Terra is a brazilian reference in environmental education

Instituto Harmonia da Terra IHT was created in june, 2004, to formalize the pedagogic work performed since 2001 by biologist and environmental educator Patricia Abuhab and educator and ambientalist Guilherme Blauth in several cities in Santa Catarina.

In 2001, when it was still called Projeto Harmonia na Terra, and in parnership with OSCIP Klimata Centro de Estudos Ambientais (environmental studies center), from Florianpolis, it conducted the first environmental education and ecopedagogy project for oublic school teachers, directors and community. In 2003, it was renamed as Ncleo de Ecopedagogia Harmonia da Terra (ecopedagogy center) and the aducational projects were expanded.

In 2004, the Center became an Institute Instituto Harmonia na Terra.

Since the beginning of the Project, in 2001, until the end of 2009, over 5 thousand teachers, directors, school communities, and social institution members from 29 cities and four Brazilian states have participated in the educational processes offered free of charge.

During projects development, the Institute has followed up on personal and professional transformation of the people who participated in the activities. In schools, courses and workshops have contributed for the improvement of education quality, integration of teachers work and provision of subsidies for work with socioenvironmental and ethical content. Several schools have conducted concrete projects, involving socioenvironmental challenges in their area, based on knowledge obtained during the educational processes.

Based on the reality found in school environment and the usually superficial approach of games and educational tools which school have access to, IHT started creating and producing innovative ecopedagogic material (hiperlink) with an interdisciplinary proposition, which help in the promotion of critical consciousness. Those include books, games, CDs and educational posters with ecologic intention and production for schools and the society in general. The material was delivered to more than 400 cities in the country, and some which are already out are being re-edited.

The Institute is also involved in the creation and conduction of educational projects based on the concept of sustainability in companies and governments. Partnerships have been signed with the Ministry of Culture, Department of Sustainable Economic Development of Santa Catarina, Florianpolis City Hall, the Municipal Education Departments of Iara-SC and So Bento do Sul-SC, and with companies Cecrisa, Datasul, Koerich Engineering, Neogrid, Totvs e Marcegaglia do Brasil.

In order to collaborate with the educational processes, which involve ecologic literacy, recover degraded areas, and relieve climate changes effects, a nursery of native agroforestry species was created in 2006, formalizing what was already one of the Institutes features and continuous practices. Around 18,000 native agroforestry species seedlings have been donated to government and non-government institutions for the recovery of degraded areas.

The Institute, in a partnership with Vagaluzes Filmes a Florianopolis producer, created the Audiovisual Center, based on the belief that the tools offered by cinema, TV and movies on the Internet have great potential to enhance educational processes and mobilize even greater public. Their goal is to produce documentaries, TV shows and series with educational and socioenvironmental topics of high aesthetic and content quality.

The recognition of IHTs educational methods and technical capacity allowed for the team to be invited to create and conduct, in 2008 and 2009, the Educational Project for Culture of Disaster Prevention entitled Risk Perception, the Discovery of a New View, of the Civil Defense Department of Santa Catarina and CEPED/USFC, which included the production of a documentary and training in risk perception and prevention for the community leaders at Macio do Morro da Cruz, in Florianpolis.

In order to support the projects, the Center for Research and Content was created, and it also provides consulting services for research of subjects related to areas as education, environment, climate changes, culture, art and audiovisual projects. The center is characterized by the interdisciplinary education of the team and participation of invited specialists.

In the last few years, IHT has gone through a thinking process and institutional strengthening, having, as a result, the creation of an Institutional Development Program, which is being implanted. The Institute also values network action and politic mobilization of socioenvironmental institutions, and therefore it is part of the Atlantic Forest and Water Network NGOs Groups.

With all this history, IHT has become a reference for environmental education over the years. In 2007, IHT was invited by Moacir Gadotti, director of Instituto Paulo Freire, to participate in the Earth Charter International Board meeting, which took place at the consulting company Amana-Key, in So Paulo. In 2010, IHT has become one of the Brazilian institutions affiliated with the International Earth Charter organization and is involved in the Earth Charter +10 commemorative events.

Patricia Abuhab - President
Guilherme Blauth - Project Coordinator

Rua Desembargador Vitor Lima, 260, sl 303
Trindade * Florianpolis * SC * Brasil

(55 48) 3331-3405
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