Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Renato Bolelli Rebouas
Art Director; Set Designer and Architect; integrant of the group of artists Usina da Alegria Planetria. Masters Degree in Performing Arts by ECA-USP with research about the creative process of art direction in unconventional spaces. Postgraduate course Professor in Interior Design of FAAP; of Contemporary Stage Design course at Escola de So Paulo (So Paulo School), and teaches workshops and gives talks in Brazil and abroad. He received the Shell Award for Best Set Design and the Best Visual Project Award from Cooperativa Paulista de Teatro de So Paulo by the show Arrufos (2008). He worked with major performing artists in theater, opera, dance and performance as Srgio de Carvalho, Renata Melo, Jean-Guy Lecat (Paris), Frank Castorf (Berlin), Caetano Vilela, Mrcia Abujamra, Marta Soares, besides the companies Espanca! (MG), Linhas Areas, Cia. do Lato e Tablado de Arruar.

Mrio Deganelli
Singer; Composer; Poet and Plastic Artist. He has been working as social and art educator in various social projects of So Paulo and its surrounding area, as: Projeto Casa Aberta, Projeto Quixote, Projeto Casulo, Projeto Anchieta, among others. Currently develops plastic arts works as art educator in the city of Diadema and he is a supervisor of the project Consultrio de Rua in scene in Diadema.

Lgia Nobre
Architect; Researcher; Curator with experience and interests in design-management of projects focusing in network agencying, social-environmental sustainability, visual arts, design, architecture and urbanism. Has co-founded and directed the exo experiment org. (So Paulo, 2002-07) which promoted research and experimental projects on urbanism, visual arts and politics. She was a researcher in the ETH StudioBasel Contemporary City Institute (Basel, 2007-08); a consultant of the Ministry of Culture in the sectors of visual arts, design, and architecture (Braslia, 2009-10); and an invited professor in FAU Universidade Mackenzie (So Paulo, 2009-11).

Marina Medeiros
She is an actress and actors preparer. She has a degree in Performing Arts Bachelors degree in interpretation by Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. In 2006 she began her career in film, acting in several national and international short and feature films. Her main works were: Xingu, Capites de Areia, and Ensaio sobre a Cegueira (Blindness). In 2011 she starts her partnership with IHT, assisting and participating in the creation of educational projects.

Audit Committee

Cesar Pegoraro
Rodrigo Bandeira de Luna
Luciano Gurgel do Amaral

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