Earth Charter Game

This very interactive new game was elaborated by the Instituto Harmonia na Terra in partnership with Coopera Brasil, two brazilian NGOs. It can be used as a unique educational tool with adults, youth and children (above 9 years old). The game is being used in various workshop training occasions in the Southern part of Brazil, but the vision is to have it translated and broadly used.

The Earth Charter Game encourages players to know and understand the Earth Charter through an exciting new methodology. The dynamics of the Game promotes thinking and attitudes about essential human values to build a more just and sustainable world. Its dynamics promotes reflections and attitudes on basic human values for the construction of a fair and sustainable world.

To reach the goals of the Game, the participants have to feel deeply the cooperation and the interdependence concepts. There are two endings, or all them win or all them lose, what it becomes the dynamic of the game similar to the impasse and challenge of our contemporary society.

During the game the participants are stimulated to search and to make questions, to find relations between environment subjects, make practical actions that provide ecological and ethical values. The players learn diverse ecological concepts as waste of energy, recycling, association, interdependence and symbiosis. In such a way, the game contributes to awake for an ecological knowledge and better practices.

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1945 Earth Charter Game

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