EC + 10 at Mexico

2010 is the International Year of the Earth Charter and the global celebrations of 10 years of its launch at an event occurred in Guanajuato, Mexico, between 22 and 24 April, organized by Semarnat (Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico) and the University of Guanajuato.

With the overall theme of an ethical framework for Climate Change, the program was open 22 day, Earth Day, with a lecture Steven Rockefeller, chairman of the International Earth Charter. Human rights and mitigation and adaptation on climate change were among the topics of the panels. The event also promoted an indigenous ceremony in homage to "Madre Tierra", conducted by representatives of ethnic Chichimecs and Otomi.

The IHT, which is a reference in educational processes with the Earth Charter and ecopedagogy, was the only Brazilian organization invited to compose a panel of international experiences coordinated by Mirian Vilela, Executive Director of Earth Charter International. Among the experiences of the panel, the Brazilian journalist Fernanda Baumhardt showed the communication campaign of 10 years, with the title "It starts with you."

Patricia Abuhab, president of the IHT, presented the educational projects of the Institute and the Earth Charter Game, co-operative board game developed by the Institute in partnership with the NGO Coopera Brazil.

"It is very meaningful to be invited to attend the first celebration of 10 years of the Earth Charter in Mexico. The event allowed to glimpse the diversity of actions and institutions involved with the Earth Charter in many parts of the world. This move further strengthens our mission and direction to be followed. It is very rewarding to prove the effectiveness and recognition of our work in an extremely involved with the Earth Charter", says Patricia.

The Earth Charter can be considered a guide toward sustainability and presents 16 principles divided into four parts: respect and care for the community of life, ecological integrity, social and economic justice and democracy, nonviolence and peace. The movement to his writing began in 1987 with the Brundtland Commission's request to come up with a document containing the basic principles of sustainable development.

In Rio-1992 was presented his first draft, which was never approved by the United Nations. The text was being mature and in 1997 was created the Earth Charter Commission. Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev, through the organizations the Earth Council and Green Cross International, respectively, with support from the Dutch government launched a worldwide movement to the Earth Charter was a document coming from civil society. This began a major mobilization participatory, and more than 4,500 organizations and governments worldwide have contributed to writing the text. The Earth Charter was launched on June 29, 2000, at the Peace Palace in The Netherlands. 1519 *Patricia Abuhab.JPG

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