Earth Charter Game

Patricia Abuhab and Guilherme Blauth, Director and Project Coordinator of the IHT, conducted in april three workshops of the Earth Charter Game for 30 students and professors from the University of Guanajuato and another workshop with members of the International Earth Charter and the Mexican government, among them Mateo Castillo, the Semarnat and narrow the Earth Charter in Mexico, and Mirian Vilela, Director of Earth Charter International.

The game, which is featured on the site Earth Charter Initiative encourages the experience of the principles and values of the Earth Charter and is an educational tool of education for sustainability.

The game began to be conceived seven years ago by Patricia Abuhab, Guilherme Blauth, and Claudio Casaccia and Gisela Sartori, from the NGO Coopera Brazil, and has been continuously improved since then, until a surprising outcome, in which art was created by Samuel Casal. To Mexico the Institute have been prepared in English and Spanish versions. The game is unique and the IHT is negotiating partnerships to produce the first issue in 2010.

Testimonials from participants of the workshops in Mexico:

"I felt great and was very different from when I participated in competitive games. In this game we are able to cooperate to achieve a goal and this is how should be in real life. Why isolate ourselves if we are one community (local, regional, global)? We learn in a fun way about the Earth Charter as an important value to the coexistence, and share experiences of how we apply those values sometimes without knowing it. I think the game has an enormous educational potential and that we should think about translating it to a greater number of languages and take him to the maximum possible schools. I appreciate the idea phenomenal! "
Double Betty McDermott, Project Coordinator for Latin America and North America, International Bureau of the Charter de la Tierra - UPAZ, Costa Rica.
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