Cursos e oficinas realizados

Courses and workshops

Participating teachers: 5,600
Participating public schools: 242 (see evaluations)
Associations: 18
Students indirectly attended: 135,000
Cities: 30 (SC, RS, SP, MG)

Ecopedagogic material

Book De olho na vida – Reflexões para um consumo ético (“An eye on life – Thinking for an ethical consumption”), 4 thousand copies in two editions

Book De olho na vida – Encontros com a ecopedagogia (“An eye of life – Ecopedagogy encounters”), 2 thousand copies

CD “Harmonia da Terra” (“Earth Harmony”), 3,500 copies in two editions Jogo da Agrofloresta (“Agroforestry Game”) – 700 games, distributed in 42 cities Educational posters (food, water, healthy lifestyle, media’s role) – 1,500 posters of each topic

Conservation of the Atlantic Forest

Planting and donation of 18,000 of native species’ seedlings.

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